Nov 28, 2018

How to log into your D-Link router - YouTube May 21, 2013 NAS | D-Link UK How can I access my DNS-313 on the network? What is the default IP address? Read Answer; How do I connect to my DNS-327L via webdav in Windows Read Answer; Why can´t I see my files, on the first drive, after adding a second drive in my DNS 320/321/323/325? Read Answer; How do I add a second disk to my DNS and convert from standard volume to D-Link Technical Support

Hi. You do not need the ip address of the unit. If you do what I told you before with setting up the arp table your computer will talk to the address thinking it is the correct address. say your NAS thinks it is the /24 means that the subnetmask is 24 bits ie with mac address …

Apr 05, 2013

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Q: How do I log into my NAS? A: When first powered on, the ShareCenter NAS will wait to be assigned an IP address via DHCP (automatically). (It needs to be connected to a router or DHCP Server). It is recommended to use the D-Link Easy Search Utility or Storage Utility to access the ShareCenter.The D-Link Easy Search Utility/Storage Utility is provided on the product CD or can be downloaded from: