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EdgeRouter - Modifying the Default IPsec Site-to-Site VPN In enabled previously, the 'Automatic Firewall/NAT' checkbox adds the following rules to the iptables firewall in the background:. UBNT_VPN_IPSEC_FW_HOOK Allow UDP port 500 (IKE), UDP port 4500 (NAT-T) and ESP in the local direction.; UBNT_VPN_IPSEC_FW_IN_HOOK Allow IPsec traffic from the remote subnet to the local subnet in the local and inbound direction. FortiGate to Cisco PIX VPN Nov 26, 2015

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Disabling Cisco Router Password Recovery Service - Following are the steps to disable the Password-Recovery service and the message confirmation shown when the device boots up after the Password-Recovery service is disabled: R1 - Cisco Networking, VPN - IPSec, Security, Cisco Switching, Cisco Routers, Cisco VoIP - CallManager Express, Windows Server, Virtualization, Hyper-V, Web