There are a lot of reasons for internet to stop working when another device such us your computer to stop the internet. Since you only gave us limited information I will try and list a few possible scenarios: 1. If you are on Wi-Fi or on ethernet

Why does my internet turn off by itself? | Yahoo Answers Nov 05, 2008 My internet connection is lost when I leave my home and go May 14, 2015

Jun 01, 2016

Why does the wifi keep turning off on my iPad Air 2 ? It keeps turning off every 5 minutes , then I have to go into settings to turn the wifi back on . Please help . More Less. iPad Air 2 WiFi, Cellular, iOS 9.2 Posted on Jan 7, 2016 6:09 PM. Reply I hav Most wireless devices can be configured to turn off power to reduce the power drain on the battery. This is usually not a problem when the notebook is connected to an AC power adapter. However, when operating on battery power, the adapter can be turned off to save power. To disable this power setting, do the following steps. Select Turn On or Off Windows Features. 2. Find out the Internet Explorer 11 option. Uncheck the option and click OK. 3. Click OK to confirm. 4. Now the Windows Features will search for required files and apply the changes. 5. Now you must reboot the computer to see the changes. Steps to Turn On Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10. 1.

The possibilities are too many. It could be a heat issue with the TV set It could be a software issue with the TV set, for example energy saving settings or active stand by mode. It could be a timer set up in the TV set menu. It could be a faulty

18/06/2012 · Turn Internet Off is a free application for the Windows operating system that you can use to quickly turn the Internet off or on again. All you need to do is install the application on your system and start it up afterwards. It automatically starts minimized in the system tray area, from where you can turn off the Internet with two clicks of the mouse button.