DESIGN -- These traceless grip tapes made from nano PU gel, durable, double-sided adhesive, transparent, will not leave traces on the wall or any surface. Anti slip ,can be cut, washable, reusable. SUITABLE -- Transparent sticker can being used for wall, ground,doors and windows, it can also be used in home, office, car , wardrobe, tabletop

What is a traceless tensor? - Quora Quite literally, a traceless tensor T is one such that Tr(T)=0. The trace of a tensor (in index notation) can be thought of as contracting one of a tensor’s indices with another: i.e. in general relativity, the Ricci curvature scalar is given by t Traceless (Stateless, #2) by Meli Raine Traceless is the second part of the new ‘Stateless’ trilogy by Meli Raine. It begins right where Stateless ended. Kina and Callum continue to be fabulous lead characters, and with the help of the supporting cast leads us through the twists and turns of this mind-blowing tale. Finding a Trace of the Traceless Friend

The physical significance of a traceless energy-momentum tensor or $\text{Tr}(T_{ab}) = 0$ means that the addition of the diagonal terms of the matrix is $0$.. Now, the energy momentum tensor carries its identity with:

Traceless definition, having or leaving no trace: a traceless crime. See more. Traceless synonyms, Traceless pronunciation, Traceless translation, English dictionary definition of Traceless. trace - make one's course or travel along a path Trace definition is - a minute and often barely detectable amount or indication. How to use trace in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of trace. Wilsonart® Traceless™ Laminate with unique fingerprint-resistant technology ensures smears, smudges and streaks are almost never seen.. Accompanied by a smooth and silky texture, your senses will swoon over this velvety surface.

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