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Internet privacy is a subset of the larger world of data privacy that covers the collection, use, and secure storage of PI generally. Internet privacy is concerned primarily with how PI is exposed over the Web, through tracking, data collection, data sharing, and cybersecurity threats. Articles on Online privacy - The Conversation Jul 07, 2020 Internet Privacy | American Civil Liberties Union New technologies are making it easier for governments and corporations to learn the minutiae of our online activities. Corporations collect our information to sell to the highest bidder while an expanding surveillance apparatus and outdated privacy laws allow the government to monitor us like never before.With more and more of our lives moving online, these intrusions have Internet Users Worry About Online Privacy but Feel Jun 20, 2018

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If You Don't Care About Online Privacy, You Should Read This Feb 28, 2019 Online privacy fears are real | NBC News INTERNET PRIVACY is a murky, complicated issue full of conflicting interests, misinformation, innuendo and technology snafus. On the face of it, e-commerce companies and privacy advocates are Online Privacy - HuffPost