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domain name system - Cisco ASA not allowing DNS traffic to As per the mentioned notes when you are sending a DNS query internally is it going through the firewall or not. If it is run a packet for the concerned traffic and see if the traffic is getting dropped at any stage. If due to any reason ASA is dropping the traffic collect the output of ASP capture. Cisco VPN troubleshooting - encaps but no decaps - TunnelsUP If an ASA or router is getting encaps but not decaps, this means it is encrypting the data and sending it but has not received anything to decrypt in return. Verify the other end has a route outside for the interesting traffic. Check that both VPN ACL’s are not mismatched. Double check NAT’s to make sure the traffic is not NAT’ing correctly.

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Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel is up but not passing traffic (SW7565) Sometimes a tunnel does not come up or it comes up but no traffic passes through, if a static route is defined in the Network > Routes page which conflicts with the Local or Destination Network defined in the VPN Policy.By default, Static Routes on a SonicWALL will overrule VPN Tunnel routes. VPN Connect Troubleshooting - Oracle Cloud

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All other traffic will be passing through the “best effort” queue. For example if we have FTP data traffic (which is usually a long packet) together with a VoIP packet, the VoIP will be served first by the interface (priority queue) while the FTP packet will be served in a best-effort basis. VPN ON THE CISCO ASA: VPN Traffic Filtering - Intense School Now, if we go back to the basics of the Cisco ASA, this connection should not be permitted by default because traffic is flowing from a lower security level interface (the IOS router is on the outside interface with security level of 0) to a higher security level interface (the host is connected on the inside interface of the ASA on a security level of 100). How to Enable VPN Passthrough - IPsec Firewall Port - Tom May 20, 2003