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Paljonko painatte ja kuinka pitkii ootte? - Anoreksia Oon 170/55. En siis sairasta anoreksiaa ja paino on ollu samassa jo pari vuotta. Painoindeksikin on normaali. Aattelin kuitenkin tiputtaa ehkä kaks kiloa, kun haluisin näyttää sirommalta. Nyt oon jotenki roteva. Siis hoikka, mutta roteva! Tiedän, että ei tarvis, mut olisin tyytyväisempi silleen eli why not.. Red Button for BBC text not working. - Sky Community The BBC iPlayer app was added to Sky Q this week and I believe with that was removal of access to Teletext, replaced by the BBC's updated red button services. Not sure why yours is saying to upgrade if you've rebooted and updated. Check you have the BBC iPlayer app logo under Home - Apps to be 100% sure you're up-to-date. BBC iPlayer app not working, Jul 2020 | Product Reviews BBC iplayer servers are down march 15, not working at all in the app and on desktop. Rob All I am seeing with the BBC iPlayer on Mac and Windows is a black blank screen, nothing and updated FLash etc. lost BBC1 and BBC2 - BT Community

Can't get BBC Bitesize site to run - can you?

5 Live sports extra is a secondary service of Radio 5 Live, and not always available on air. When the BBC has additional sports content, it can be found next to Radio 5 live on DAB radio. The BBC iPlayer is a streaming television and radio service that is made available by the BBC. In addition to programming from the BBC, the platform also offers programmes from broadcasters including ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5.

Please be aware that as of February 5th 2015, the BBC switched their feed to TuneIn radio which may coincide with plans to abandon Windows Media support. As a result, saved favorites for BBC radio in Bluesound may not connect or time out. Please delete all BBC favorites on Bluesound and re-loaded them to play the newer AAC feed instead.

Hi, I have been using the BBC website for years now, but recently it has lost a lot of its functionality on Firefox. MS Edge works okay. Is it a BBC problem or Mozillla? Typically, images are not downloading properly, video's not playing, weather favs are not available, I can not even change my cookie settings. BBC iPlayer stops working on THOUSANDS of TVs – and won't